Your mind can be your best friend. Or your worst enemy. 
Your mind is constantly messing with you and sabotaging your true potential professionally and personally. Negative emotions, anxiety and stress are all results of sabotaging yourself.  


  • Anxious and stressed about work, relationships and life in general?

  • Constantly judge and blame yourself, others or your circumstances?

  • That something is holding you back?

  • That even though you know what you want somehow it's just not happening regardless of how hard you try?

  • Your inner voice is always loud and negative? 

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions: 


You operate your life from saboteur mode most of the time and you are not alone in this, most people do.

But it doesn't have to be like this!

With our science - based tools you will strengthen the part of your brain that serves you and quiet the part that sabotages you.You will shift the balance in your thinking and that will boost your well being personally and professionally.

You become mentally more fit.

How will this happen?

There are a few options for you! You can practice the tools in a small group setting or individually, it's up to you. In both cases you will get:

  • a complete 6 weeks Positive Intelligence program with instructions that comes on a free application on your smart phone

  • weekly coaching sessions with me 

  • constant support for the 6 weeks

  • opportunity to continue improving yourself after the training


Investment:  special price is available now as I am in the certification process. Please e-mail me with any questions and for details.


What my clients say about the Positive Intelligence Program?


"I am very grateful to you, Anita, for introducing me to Positive Intelligence.


The six-week program which included an easy to follow App brought a huge added value of helping me focus on one practice per day. 

For example focusing on intercepting the Judge Saboteur. 


I found it very motivating to keep going until those new ways became automatic habits.  It helps me to understand myself and others at a deeper level and have compassion for all.


It was simple enough to devote 12 minutes/day of app-guided practice to help establish my mental muscles (neural pathways). These exercises are bite-sized to fit your busy schedule and customized based on how you self-sabotage.


What I found of huge value was Anita’s encouragement throughout the program without passing judgment.


My sense is she deeply cares for her clients’ well-being and encourages them to live in possibilities and to be their best self.


I highly recommend having Anita as your guide and coach as she lovingly guides you through the Positive Intelligence six-week program."Jackie Maclean Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Founder of The Power Within



"I am giving a big shout out to my mentor Anita Papp. I am just finishing up on the tail end of my Positive Intelligence Coaching Program led by her. The system of rewiring your thought patterns to create a new mind set is remarkably effective. IT WORKS!

Not only is the program fantastic but so is Anita's coaching style and expertise. She is highly knowledgable and very skilled at bringing out the best in people and challenging us with her thoughtful and creative suggestions for moving forward and succeeding. She is truly an amazing coach and after taking the training, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services.

She is smart, funny, and full of wisdom. I have looked forward to our group meetings every week, and our one on one session was top notch.

Thank you Anita for providing the opportunity to unleash my true potential and help me to flourish in my business and my personal life. You are a rockstar of a role model! Hats off to you."

Susan Lee Woodward Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master

"Recently, I completed the six weeks PQ course hosted by Anita Papp and I’m so glad that I did. The program pointed out to me the immense power that I have in my own thoughts. Although I’ve known this for sometime, I’ve become acutely aware of my negative self talk and how it impedes me in life.


With this program I have learned how to stop those negative thoughts in their tracks. Sure, sometimes I have to repeat the practice several times but like any muscle in the body, the neural pathways can be strengthened with repetition. 


This practice has helped me in numerous ways, from stopping the monkey brain when I can’t sleep, in dealing with difficult people and to awareness of my own acute reactions to others negativity. 


Throughout my life I have participated in numerous self help programs and now I have learned that the PQ practice is truly the best because it is so basic. It just comes down to our thoughts which become a reality. 


Through Anita‘s gentle guidance and support we were encouraged to find the positive aspect of situations, thoughts and feelings. I am feeling empowered and so very grateful. Thank you Anita and Shirzad."

T. Carriere Founder of Sew New to You

"I was granted a beautiful opportunity to take part in a six week program with Anita and four other wonderful individuals. This program allowed me to understand the reasoning behind my acts of self-sabotaging, and negative self talk. I learned how to recognize when I was in self-sabotage mode and I was provided with great techniques to use during these moments. This program taught me:  1) I am not alone and that everyone battle negative self talk  2) There are useful tools/techniques that ACTUALLY work  3) There is light at the end of a dark tunnel

I would recommend this program for anyone who feels lost and hopeless, yet ready for change. You do not have to know how to implement the change or what the change will look like, just know that a change will occur when you take this course, and what a beautiful change it will be. 


Thank you Anita for being a wonderful coach and for always displaying patience, kindness and love. ❤️" 

Cheray L.

"I wanted to share a success. I haven’t been sleeping great again! I did a PQ rep before bed and slept through the night and no crazy nightmares. My mind was settle."

"I heard a lot of bad news yesterday and this morning, but refocusing with PQ helped. I feel much better and with a better perspective."

"I woke up with negative thoughts and worry about weight and blood sugar issues. My mind immediately went to positive solutions and I reminded myself I’m not perfect and things will take time to change. My anxiety level went down immediately and then I thought PQ really works. It was crazy!" Jeri H.B

"I really enjoyed our session yesterday and I look forward to next week. I did a little PQ exercise when I woke in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep. My mind was racing so I focussed on feeling the ridges in my fingertips. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly) it worked. I went back to sleep and woke up at 6:30, a good half an hour after I usually wake up" Therese.

"Actually - I noticed that last night I had no food cravings while watching TV. " Gabrielle S.


"I was suffering from anxiety this morning and almost broke down crying. I came in from walking the dog and took 5min to do PQ. I immediately calmed down. As I type this I'm telling myself I am so worth the 5 minutes taken and I'm in a much calmer headspace. PQ surely does work." C.Lake

"This course is teaching me how to create new pathways in my mind. So far , I have learned a few ways to focus on a specific thing for a few minutes with touch, sight and hearing. These exercises help me to interrupt my negative thoughts and quiet my mind. I am 2 days in and I already am noticing a huge difference in my mental well being. I'm really excited about the changes I am seeing in myself and excited to learn more in the next 6 weeks"! Koko M.



What's in it for you?

Discover What’s Holding You Back

Your saboteurs are the voices in your head that creates stress and are responsible for your negative emotions. They influence you to handle your everyday challenges. We all have them; it's universal. When you learn how to handle them it will effect your personal and professional life significantly. 

The Positive Intelligence Program strengthen your mental fitness muscles within 6 weeks. The free PQ app (not available to the public) delivers personalized daily practices that builds powerful new habits for a positive mind.  You will experience sustainable improvements right away and in both your well-being and performance. Your are on your way to become mentally fit. 

Image by Radu Florin

Start your transformation today! 


The 6 weeks Positive Intelligence course is where we start working together. It can be done in a small group setting (max. 5 people) or individually; choose one that serves you better. In both cases you will get my expert guidance and support in the weekly Zoom sessions.

We will be creating a winner mindset that helps you through your days successfully.

After the 6 weeks you have more options to continue with the program for additional growth but first thing first: start with the foundations. 


Imagine, that you love yourself, achieve your goals with ease and flow!

The best thing? As you learn and apply Positive Intelligence to your life you will not only creating the desired outcome for yourself: it will effect everyone in your circle!

Isn't it amazing? 


Hi, I'm Anita, Your Positive Intelligence Coach


Since 2016 I have been working as a Coaching Professional. In the past 6 years I was constantly learning and finding new ways to serve my clients better and providing more sophisticated tools. I realized that while we were working together my clients felt better and had good performance professionally and personally but the changes we created together didn't last for much longer after we finished our work together. It bothered me because I wanted to give them tools for lifetime! 


Last summer I came across Positive Intelligence and signed up for my 6 weeks course right away. Quickly I realized I found the missing piece in my coaching! After I finished my training I signed up for more: I am in the process of getting certified as a Positive Intelligence life coach. Now I have the tools, the professional background and also my unique experience from the last years to provide an exceptional opportunity for my clients! Join my next 6 weeks program and become mentally more fit  with me! 

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My back story: why did I choose coaching? 

Healing from breast cancer at 42 taught me self-love, acceptance and forgiveness. Also changed my path in life: quit my job as an office manager and choose entrepreneurship and coaching to help others and raise awareness of the importance of our mental health and the power of the mind.


To help women to go from GLOOM to BLOOM! You have so much to offer to yourself and the world: why would you hold yourself back?

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Do you need only one session to Get You Unstuck  before you dive in deeper?
I'm here for you!  

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