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The Love Yourself First

Morning Meditation

This is a 15 minutes audio with a short intro and the actual meditation and visualization. After purchase it is downloadable in M4A format and in written PDF.

About Meditation

  • Do you like your mornings and can’t wait to start the upcoming new day?

  • Do you have a morning routine to start your day well?

Either your answer is yes or no to these questions it is undeniable that a good morning routine can change your perception for the whole day for the better.

That’s why I created this beautiful and uplifting morning meditation/visualization. It will raise your vibration and influence your attitude for the better. Who doesn’t need inspiration about loving yourself more right at the beginning of each day?

What will you get by purchasing this meditation?


  • A 15 minutes audio that you can download to your computer or phone and listen to it anytime

  • A powerful boost of positive affirmation and a guided visualization exercise to create new ways of loving yourself more

  • A simple technique to leave behind your self-sabotaging limiting beliefs that hold you back from feeling good about yourself

  • A written PDF copy of the meditation so you can read it for further benefits and more suggestions to optimize your morning routine

I wish you joy creating a beautiful morning routine with the help of this powerful and relaxing meditation!

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What People Say

Loving ourselves, forgiving ourselves of the burden of guilt we carry seems never ending. Anita has shared this beautiful meditation that allows you to free your mind of these burdens. It speaks to every fear or doubt we allow in our minds. It touched on everything I struggle with on a daily basis. Her beautiful message gave me peace and hope. She gave me freedom to enjoy my life and know that I am cared for and am worthy. Anita has a true gift of understanding and compassion for this I am grateful. I encourage you to listen with heart, mind and spirit.

-Jeri Hoag

I am so grateful to have access to this morning meditation. It's such a beautiful way to start my day. I love the reminder to let go of the negative thoughts that I tend to fall back on and rather to remind myself of all the positives available to me in my life. I find it especially helpful to visualize myself in the future as a wise and happy older woman. I have never really done that in the past and found it surprisingly easy to imagine myself as a vibrant, happy and self-confident woman. Now, I actually look forward to getting older. Thank you Anita for creating these very powerful words.

-Therese Carriere