Happy in a pandemic? Are you crazy?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

***Before I say anything else let me tell you this: I am not happy with what's happening in the world. I feel deep empathy for the sick people, for those who passed away and for those whose loved ones passed away. For people who lost their jobs, are depressed and alone, who are fearing the future. I feel for them. I also learned that I can not save the whole world, believe me I wanted! I can only save myself first and then help a few people here and there. With this foreword, please read below how I see the current situation. My intentiones are pure; how everyone is able to receive my words is out of my hands...***

Yesterday, one of the members of my Love Yourself First group had a beautiful post, unfortunately not in the group. (You know who you are, if you feel like it, please share your post!!!)

She started it with a warning, that it will be an unusual positive post and might annoy people.

She wrote about how well she is and her daughter enjoys the time home with her mom, how much they were adopted to this new stay at home lifestyle and that she is happy.

In the afternoon I talked to my best friend and she said similar things. She is home with her kids, working from home, home schooling and she realized that she is loosening up. Especially after she asked the kids how they feel and they surprised her how much they love the time with her without rushing anywhere.

My husband started to exercise in the past week, he goes to sleep earlier and gets up later after telling me for years, he doesn't want to exercise, he runs enough at work and it's enough for him to sleep 5 hours per night. Now he catching up on sleep and feels good.

How many of us feel the same way? We supposed to feel scared and anxious, it's the mainstream. At some point I felt that Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon from CNN are our family members because we were listening to them more than each other with my husband. So I turned the TV off. It contributes to being nervous, as well as internet and social media. Processing the information that comes from so many resources is nearly impossible and uses almost all of our energy.

This time is good for finding our own ways, no matter who says what. I decided to quit a few things that suited me - or I thought it suited me - 2-3 months ago but not anymore. I say no to online trainings and webinars. I feel great, talking to only 1 friend daily, a different one each day. Or not talking at all. Being with my own thoughts a bit is refreshing.

I learned in my life when I went through cancer that I know what's the best for me. I just forgot -again - to listen to myself in the midst of rushing and comparing myself to others. There are many people who - with good intentions mostly - will tell you what you need to do and what you do is not correct. When we trust ourselves we can make the decisions for ourselves and we don't need someone who makes these decisions.

In the past 6 months I was very close to burnout. I pushed myself a lot and because I didn't listen to my intuition I was doing many things because I didn't want to listen to my inner voice: I have to slow down and see what happens.

I believe the same happened to my friends too: in the rush we just can't have time for the little miracles in our lives. Now we do and we can make such a huge transformation in a short period of time. In the past we needed a huge shock, an illness, an accident or loosing someone to re-evaluate where we are at.

Now, if we are lucky, we and our loved ones won't get sick and we go through this pandemic without personally affected health wise. On a certain level we can be effected of course, financially, and emotionally but the biggest thing that can come out of it that we transform to be happier and more grounded, more grateful than ever.

I'm looking forward to the times when I can hug my daughters, go for a hike with my friend and simly can go to a restaurant to celebrate a birthday. Until then I just will be in the moment and do what I can to stay healthy physically, emotionally and mentally.

I know one thing for sure: we create our life with our point of view. Even now in the midst of a crisis we have never faced before. The choice is ours, what we make out of it depends on us. Choose what works for you the best, step into it and you will notice the miracles showing up for you too.

With love,


Anita Papp is a self-love mentor and life coach, empowering people to respect and love themselves more. Her passion is to wittness her clients transformation becoming thriving, self-loving authentic and confident individuals who know they can create the life they want and couragous enough to choose it.

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