How to make a positive impact on your life when you are an empty nester?

5 tips you can apply to lift your spirit and go from Gloom to Bloom!

When your kids left the home and created a void behind it takes some adjustment to find your new ways of living. Suddenly you have way more time than before and it could be scary. How you fill it up? In the silence you doubts and fears some to the surface that were numbed in the business earlier. What will you do in this new and unusual situation?

I suggest that you will focus finally on yourself: your emotional, mental and physical well being. "But how to do that?" you ask. Your focus was for so long on others, you might feel worried or selfish if you put your attention on your own needs...

Keep reading! Your favorite self-love mentor and PQ coach is in action!

Let me give you 5 tips that can help to shift you from your self-sabotaging thoughts!

Tip #1 - Move your body

Isn't this what you expected from me? We like it or not, regular exercise has a huge impact on our energy, mental and physical health, mood, self-confidence and so much more. Start to do an exercise routine that makes you alive and vibrant! Commit to it 3 times a week and you will see a huge difference soon!

Tip #2 - Declutter your home

You don't need those old baby clothes or art work when your kids were in grade 1! I know it's cute, so keep a few if you want or take a photo of them but get rid of the stuff you don't need anymore. Too many items are keeping you stuck. Make room for your new lifestyle by removing the old! There are great books about this topic, you can search the net how to do it and I promise once you get into it you will feel better and better and want to do more! Decide which area do you want to start with and stick to your plan. It might be a big project if you have never done a purge before so be patient with yourself and don't overdo it. It's not a race! Do it in your own pace.

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein

Tip #3 - Learn Positive Intelligence

I know, I know it is self-promotion. Actually, it should be because what I teach is so in need nowadays especially in the current state of the world after a 2 years of isolation, uncertainty, and stress! These past years ruined almost everyone's mental health tremendously. In the chaotic world we live in right now we need better tools to manage our anxiety and stress and show a good example that it can be done!

Once you start working with me on your emotional baggage, your inner saboteurs and learn how to deal with life's ups and downs, you will become mentally stronger and more open. Your relationships are going to get better - yes, with your children as well - and you will finally start loving yourself more. Who doesn't need that? Be honest with yourself. You need new knowledge, new support and new ways, don't you? Why don't you check it out how does it feel to get full attention from a professional life coach who knows how to listen and what to ask to support your well being and growth?

Tip #4 - Plan a fun activity you always wanted to do!

A dance class? Yoga? Going for a solo trip? Get a dog? You name it! What is something that you always wanted to do but postponed for various reasons? Your time came. Do it. Now.

Tip #5 - Start loving yourself more

I can't emphasize enough that loving yourself is the base for everything in life. I believe it should be our life's purpose. Why? Because when you love yourself, you are able to love others too. You do the work that fulfills you and you believe in your mission. You show a great example and with your own self-love you give permission to everyone to be themselves too. It is the most important thing in the whole entire world and it will affect everything and everyone around you. You will create positive changes that impacts not only your life but after all the whole world! You deserve to be loved first and foremost by YOU! You waited long enough, start living and loving yourself in this very moment. Go for it, you deserve it.

These are my tips for you today.

There are many more; the possibilities are endless when you start impacting your life. I wish I can share more with you in my sessions in the nearby future! Click to book a PQ consultation or your first session!

Until we meet, love yourself more and enjoy the journey called life!

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