What are we wishing for when we say Happy New Year?

Just like that, so suddenly we start another journey around the Sun. We receive good wishes and we also wish Happy New Year to our loved ones, friends, clients and often strangers . It's a custom that we practice almost automatically.

Have you ever dug deeper and thought of what do you wish for when you say have a Happy New Year?

On the surface level it is quite easy to answer this question: we want to be healthy, we wish for financial abundance, satisfying relationships, love and laughter, joyful family moments, less stress, safety and also new adventures and achieving success professionally.

It's all good, who doesn't want all of the above? There is nothing wrong with that but it's too general and also they make happiness conditional. I will be happy when...and often we are, reaching what we wanted and surprisingly it doesn't take long until we feel the need for more.

Do you feel that this "happiness obsession" culture we live in doesn't make you feel good?

I do often. You know why? Because I am human with a rainbow of emotions and challenges. Nowadays it seems if you are not happy all the time you are doing something wrong! Just look at a social media platform with all the posts. Or TV commercials that suggest even if you are sick you smile and have a great time, you just need a pill.

I would LOVE to have a pill for all my problems! Wouldn't it be easy to just get your medicine that make you feel amazing?

This pill doesn't exist neither the always happy person who you see often everywhere and who makes you feel like a loser. So don't worry, there is nothing wrong with you.

I heard recently a great alternative expression for being happy: Life completeness experience.

What does it mean? It means your life is in balance, you feel that you are in your place where you can feel accomplished. You are congruent with who you are, you can be your true self. Meaning: the positive and the negative too, as no one is perfect. You can say, I am good at these things and also accept that you are not talented in everything and you make peace with it. You know your boundaries and you don't have to feel bad by setting them up. What you do for living is giving you satisfaction and serve others well. You are in a kind relationship with the world, with others and yourself. You feel safe, you don't have to fear anything and anyone. You can relax that it's all well and know that if not, you will be able to deal with the challenges life throws at you.

I believe this level of self-love and satisfaction can be reached if we are working on it every day for a life time. The goal here is the progress as we are not robots who switch from "I am miserable" to "I am completely happy" in a day. It requires work and trust in yourself. Finding and celebrating pockets of joy in our weekdays, bounce back from triggers quicker, knowing that having a bad day doesn't mean much. Life is long and we learn every day something new if we are openminded. If we want to, we can get closer to this balanced and peaceful state of mind that creates our balanced and peaceful life. It takes time and as you get older and wiser this can give you something to look forward to: that you know how to live your life better that works for you and the people you surround yourself with. It's a win win for everyone as you set up a good example with your life.

Questions you can ask from yourself for the desired change:

- What does happiness mean for me?

- What can I do on a daily basis for creating joyful moments?

- How would I live my life if I could do anything?

Play with these questions, spend some time with yourself and get to know who you are. With gradual changes and baby steps I truly believe you can live your life complete and satisfied, regardless where you are now!!

With these thoughts I wish you a Happy New Year for 2022!

What do you wish for yourself? I'd love to hear it in the comments!

Do you feel this article would be helpful for your friends? I am grateful for sharing!

Anita Papp has been a Life Coach and Mental Fitness Trainer using Positive Intelligence and Strategic Intervention methods to help her clients since 2016. To reach your full potential in living a self-loving and authentically satisfying life by working with her please e-mail to anitapapplifecoach@gmail.com for starting the conversation.

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